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Bought a new cool outfit to visit London


Just exploring. I visited London again. Very active community. I like it there. Could live there but of course lots of visitors is = lag. I think I stay in my house. Outfit was cool.

Burn 2016. Looks smaller somehow.


I visit Burn every year and takes a ride. This year it was the carousel. I get the feeling it is smaller. Usually takes me some time to walk around it all. Lots of stages but no one on them. Is SL really shrinking? Makes me a little bit sad. But you can visit Burn anyway. The theme is Leonardo da Vinci. Do not know why??

Is this art

Digital animation

My projects span from icons to web with video, pictures and sound. Working in the digital world is now and i can get stuff out there very fast.

I work with web and game software. Projecting me into the digital world.

I am digital.

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Digital designer, photographer and artist.

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