Another great exhibition at The Two Shores gallery. RL art made for SL.

And a picture of the owner Mathilde Vhargon. The art you have to go and see.




Not much to do. But this new world, that you can access thru facebook is something that maybe to be 3D worlds for the many.

Not really ready yet and set among the clouds where the different areas is a island in the sky looks a lot like Second life server strategy but now in the cloud.

You can get a home and some basic furniture. There are build tools and a chat.

I suppose more to come.

joni.hallison by SL explorer
joni.hallison, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

I am always happy when i find a artist that i like. This paintig i really liked. Nice animals lot of paint. I could have done it But Joni Hallison did. Visit the Tube gallery to see more. From cyberserenity Vella via

Hmm another bad art sale. Cheap art ripped of from somwhere on the net.

No This i do not like.