LA Gallery

And another nice exhib at LA Gallery

Talullah Winterwolf makes some kind of graphic cut and paste art. And i really liked it.

Talullah "My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting is that  tells a story in some form or other."

If you have a moment go and see.


I have started exploring the OSgrid and I find that it starts to look like SL. Really great builds, bad builds and ordinary areas. Some of the sims are not available but many in the core are and you can travel around and find more and more great builds.


And there are many former Second life builds that show up on the OSgrid. It is cheaper and you have a full sim to build on. You can realize many more ideas.

And the hypergrid idea is good, to visit several grids and that way get more people on all grids.

What is needed now is a way to rent out space on Opensim grids making them more commercial and some actors that take copyright issues serious so you can trust them to put your stuff on their grid. Or a way for Opensim to get objects from other trusted servers where you can rent some space for the things you create so they never leave to get copied every where.

I think it is important that you own your avatar and things you create.

I see good things in the future for all the grids out there.

More on

Pirates is one of my fav gallerys.

Always  some good art to see.

An this time it is something of a weekness for me Steampunk. Some pictures of zeno.ochs (fredx).

Walk around and look.

Two great artist in Magna Carta. It is nice to see drawings and paintings in Second life.

LeMelonRouge a garaphic artist and designer.

And Littleone Aries a self learned painter. She say "I have been a working studio artist for over 30 years now. Self-taught, painting has been as much a part of my life as breathing. I learned by doing."

Nice art to in a more traditional way.





t is nice with a exhibition from one of my fav artists on the net.. I an a follower

ariel writes

"rather than write an artists statement has given the perspective of the girl in the images."


As a bonus Fingers Scintilla co exhibits, I like artists that use the new digital media to make exciting new pictures SLURL Below.