But now I can see this will not happen. Maybe.

CyberinSLI have been to Barcelona for a few day looking at art, meeting friends and eating a lot of Tapas. The pain in my body slowly disappeared and came back when I got home again.

I have been working with computers for over 25 years and as a pro artist for almost 20. It really takes its toll on the body. Hands, arms, shoulders and neck and the worst one. The back.

I want to continue. This is what I do. But I have to find a totally new way of working. I have tried the usual stuff. Breaks, exercise, a desk that you can raise and lower, many different chairs. It just do not help anymore.

I can see 3 ways to do some change. Tech stuff that makes the work easy. But I have already tried that. I even tried the Kinect to work in SL as a 3d tool.

Do other stuff. Go back to photography. But being a pro means hauling endless amount of equipment.

Rearrange the workflow and create other products. Could be something.

My problem nr two is that I am a middle aged woman and I am not really the thing in the industry anymore. Not game, computer or art.

I am taking a break before I hurt my self really bad and have to stop working all together.

Is there a upside. Yes there is. I have always been working on the side as a problem solver and I think that is really my biggest talent. So now I really have to push that.

See you soon.

Back in SL

I should have worked but a trip to the Forgotten city had me walking around for hours.


It is a great build and I did as I do in RL city's. Walked around and found new exciting stuff around every corner. The build feels very big because the use of different elevations and everything connects by elevators. I did not want to flyForgotten2 around and waited nice for all elevators. Just the feel of discovering made it so much more worth it.

And I am a Steampunk buff so I loved it so much more there was a model railway to and I was totally hooked.

A airship ride shows of the city nicely from the air.


Me and some of the excellent 3d sculptures. Yes I was dressed for the occasion.

This could have been a setting for a game. There are several games in there somewhere and I think it is possible to do some gaming in SL even on a one island build if it is clever.

The build is done by Jenne Dibou she got a blog at http://jdmtf.blogspot.se/ and a store with a lot of very nice designs in the Forgotten city. You just have to go and see it. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Forgotten%20City/183/18/320/


After a trip to the computer store I got a few new blog tools. A keyboard and a pen. I have downloaded a few apps to help me and this is going to be interesting to see if a pad can challenge my notebook. I cant write software on it and a more serious fault. I cant go in to Second life and Opensim to take nice pictures. But I guess I have to work around that for now.

As I write on several websites and blogs I do a lot of work on the go. Less stuff to carry around but is it as good?

It works ok. But i think a keyboard could be a good idea. Need some better tools.

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Sometimes I think I should get my head examined. This is where I have spent a lot of my life. Or places like it. This is my workplace. Yes it is magic.

I really want another interface to my computer and maybe a nice chair or sofa. You are probably nuts if you spend your life like this. Ok that is what I am. But now it is TGIF. But tomorrow I am back at my desk again. I want to create magic.


My house in Cloud Party is looking ok now. And it works on my windows machines but not on Linux.

I still do not know what to do. I find it difficult to get around. The layout with small islands is good from a programmers perspective but not as a visitor. It is just must simpler to understand the concept of a world with a landmass.

It looks great and goes easy on the graphics card even with everything on.

I think that many avatars goes back to MMO gaming now. It is nice to meet friends and do a quest or just hang out in Ogrimmar,

As I am going deep into Opensim developing right now I really try to find the future for all these virtual worlds. There must be more than sex and role play,

We need things to do.