The looking glass_001


There are so many places to see and go to.

This place: “ The Looking Glass is the joint creation of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee. Our art and designs populate an island on which we entertain and support the arts in SL as well as host live music, particle shows and poetry readings.”


As a game designer I really would have liked to see what these guys could do if they did not have the restrictions of Second life.

Maybe building a full world. Everything is very well done and the texture work is excellent at many places.


I bought these shoes in SL and now I realize that I really really would like a pair in real.

They look expensive so maybe I could not afford them in RL. Lucky me I did not pay a fortune in SL.

I found thids empty gallery next to my own. Are the between shows or is it a installaton.

I do not know but i liked it anyway. The plant is really something.

dieudonne  by phil sidek
dieudonne , a photo by phil sidek on Flickr.

I am following the the Second life flicker feed and everyday i am amazed. All the great pictures made in SL.

As a real life photographer i find all my SL colleagues to be more than creative and i know how much work a good picture is.

Found this one in the feed to.

This is one of my favourite artist at flickr. Go and check it out many amazing pictures.

I am back by SL explorer
I am back, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

Got my old account back from Linden lab and i have really missed being able to post and write from inside SL. Kind of cool and i love it. From cyberserenity Vella via

Tricia Aferdita is a long time collector of art and have her own gallery. See her exhibition now in Avalon town.


From a mail:

Rowan Derryth
"This is the first in a series of month-long exhibits curated by the residents of Avalon Arts Community, which is home to many artists and art collectors. Exhibits will open the Second Sunday of each month. Please join us today - and in the future!"

Exploring SL

I am travelling Second life trying to find nice places. You often see me with my cameras walking around the area. There are so many pictures to make and so little time. I am a art space photographer you can see it on my tag,, so say hello.

My winter studio

It is soon time to move in to the house. As winter comes my studio gets colder and colder. I have a mini studio inside on wheels so i can follow the light when i paint. Sorry to say it is soon time to start using it.

Winter lots of white. Did i buy more?