Gamasutra - News - Sony 3D Headset Coming To Japan This November
I have been waiting a long time for something that will be more emersive. More of the feeling of being there. Second life and World of warcraft would be so much more fun.
I will buy one.
I found this island and i really like when a builder works totally from his or her own mind. I do not have so much time over for exploring right now so it is nice when i find a a place to just walk around in and enjoy. 
DeeDee by Dee Dee Deepdene
DeeDee, a photo by Dee Dee Deepdene on Flickr.

I have been following DeeDee for some time on flickr and as a photographer i find her pictures really good.
And as Second life creator i know how much work there is behind a picture. Check out here pictures at flickr. It is worth it.

Cirkus painting

I painted this while attending art school many years ago. Now it is hanging on a wall of a collector. I had to take the picture with my mobile. Explaining the quality. I painted for a while and had some really unappreciated exhibitions, well not all hated them.

This was about sixteen years ago and then i went in to media and digital art. But now i want to start painting again. That is why i called this a painters progress. Maybe i do some, we have to see.

Torley Island


What you can do if you just use the world and tech. Imaginative and just great. I stayed for a while and just enjoyed myself.

You have to check this out.