I took a break. Just sitting overlooking my Second life. So what´s new.

I have had a nice vacation. Several builds in SL and a new gallery. All the websites are ready. I really want to do some new things in SL but will Second life still be there when I am ready. Sometimes I have my doubts. Maybe I should go into the sex business. It sells a lot better than the SL art world.

Maybe not.

Being a working artist is not the champagne life exactly.

We have to see. Monday it is work again. I am looking forward to it. Log in to my world again and create something new.

Travel to find nice and strange places. I am not saying anything about it you just have to go and visit. No words.

night skiing

Nilsart winter resorts looking good.  Put in some lights for night skiing. Not many avatars using the big Second life ski area. But I am coming out with a ski area map and skiing in Second life will be a big thing again when the new Digital kittens scripted board and skis come out.