Digital animation

My projects span from icons to web with video, pictures and sound. Working in the digital world is now and i can get stuff out there very fast.

I work with web and game software. Projecting me into the digital world.

I am digital.

So then you can go there in Second life. And the cost was minimal. Makes me happy. And on to new adventures. Using Imprudence. The SL viewer only makes one sound. "crash".

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I needed a break from Second life and everything. I deleted my accounts, took a long break to think about what I really wanted to do and how. Am I a game designer working on the web or should I paint in the studio or maybe do something else. But after a while I realized how much I love Second life and I missed exploring and meeting other artists. Facebook is sooo boring compared.


It is also about my 53 birthday that I celebrated a few days ago. Can I make building, fashion and trucks in a virtual world or should I do grown up stuff instead. No I think I can play around in the virtual world or even should. I am artist and working with things I find interesting is something I really can do.

Anyway I am back and I love it. And I think I stay until Linden labs shareholders pull the plug.