I have been the victim of griefers in Second life several times now. People that think its funny to put some big builds on my land and leaving the anchor point outside my reach.

Linden lab support does nothing about it. After calling up on them several times, nothing happens. Only thanks to nice neighbors the problem have been solved.

Then I thought by renting with Anshe Chung maybe I would get some better support. A griefer put a big building in one of my builds again and I called on support. And they acted fast. When I logged in the griefers building was gone and so was the total area. Empty.

It is like nobody in Second life really cares anymore. The world created by its citizens is only phrase these days.

I am moving my building efforts to the OSgrid and my own development grid. There are griefers on the OSgrid too but there I can take care of stuff because I am my own support.

I think I am going to explore the new grids out there. The gallery will be in Second life. And maybe I get some nice 512 land by the sea where I can sit and remember all of my big builds in Second life from yesterday.

I have decided to delete my old wordpress blog and just continue on this one. I have had it for many years now and the content was basically the same. So this is the new cyberserenity blog. I have also moved all the other web sites around and I think it starts to look good now. It have been a major work. But I think it is worth it I sit by the computer anyway so..