Finally I found some nice land to rent for the Nilsart gallery and the new building is taking shape. This time it is going to be a super modern Scandinavian building with interior of light wood and concret.

A shop and a exhibition area in nice size. The first Nilsart gallery was very very big and I have learned that it is very difficult to get that many pieces for a exhibition.

I hope it  is going to be ready after the weekend. I have to go and see some RL exhibitions to so I build when I have the time.

Now I have to think about new gallery stuff again.


I visited a exhibition are in Blue Mars and the graphics are so good that you feel like on a real life exhibition. To show of products and information Blue Mars is a lot better than Second life but the areas download time was 40 minutes. That’s way to long. More products even longer download times.

Second life buy the Cryengine 2 make the world a more beautiful place.

This weekend I am putting in a new server. And to do this I have to close much of the network. Some websites and the Island on the OSgrid will be down from time to time.

The bright side is that this new one have some more space for developing and capacity for more websites.

As it is a developer server I am moving the digital artists network so I can run backups and get some more space for stuff. Some new joomlapolis community software wiki and forums moving to.


But the weekend will be shakey.