I have done some work with different voice morph tools before and the new one in Second life is really good. So one up for the Lab people. And the Alpha viewer is more stable on my Vista 64 workstation. Ty for that.

So now i can sound like my little wizard.

Found this very nice build by the railroad. Small but vey nice idea and nice for a short break. I wish more people could put something together like this. Not all of the terrible design stuff i see everywhere. And do you know? Things do not float in the air. From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com

I love trains., originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

And i always have. So Nils have bought a small piece of land by the railroad to build a station. Not this one, But i found and thought it looked really nice. More railroads in SL! From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com


I do a lot of changes on all our websites so this is a quick update.

http://www.dgkittens.com. Building an new web store for all the graphic, game and software stuff.

The old Second life web is on http://www.nilsart.com.

Art space magazine is getting a new ASP site soon, i hope.

And i am putting my photo stuff on a new blog at http://www.cyberserenity.net

.And we got a good price for the 2worlds2go studio in Second life.

So a  new piece of land is bought by the railroad and I am building a Steampunk station and airship landing platform.

Many of the old blogs are gone i am sorry to say but i just have no time to write that much now when i am working this much with the company. I find some new ways to communicate.

See you on the web.