I did some exploring in Blue Mars to see if anything is happening in the virtual world. Some improvements but thing look the same. Blue Mars have a very strong feeling of being there. I took a run at the beach and it really feels like running on the beach. They have put a lot of work in to graphics, sound and the very nice flow of the engine.

Fantastic atmosphere. But i find my self asking one question why should anybody use this wonderful game world.

I hope the game engine gets on the market. If you take away the stupid movement system i think its possible to do great things with it. Like fuse it with the ageing Second life graphics. That would be something.


Trying out Kirsten's S19 viewer for Second life and it is more stable and have a better frame rate than viewer 2.0. Both on my Nvidia and ATI cards.

Viewer 2.0 are more or less useless on many of the machines and have generally a very bad frame rate. So i am happy there are alternatives like Kirsten's. I also use Snowglobe, Hippo, Emerald and Imprudence to find the best one to use. When you are in world for many hours bad frame rate and crashes are really not acceptable.

So lets hope Linden Lab makes it possible to use other initiatives even in the future.