Boat boats boats
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Blake sea is kind of cool. Maybe i should rent a boat space and take up sailing, I wonder if i am going to meet some nice sailing people in any of the marinas. And the background sound is so nice. Vawes. I just have to visit all of them. I think there is a new sl photo project in there. "Marinas of Blake sea". From cyberserenity Vella via

I travel and i am armed and dangerous.
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SL can be a bad place. Lots of noobs around. But now i have a new outfit. Creator: sawa Spitteler. I look so bad. From cyberserenity Vella via

Another smArt Gallery
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A lot of nice SL art. It just proves that you can do good art with SL and some graphics editing software. In many ways this is a break through for virtual art- Its possible to produce a lot of it. And a big production secures a few really great pieces. Of course the art world in RL do not understand it. But we do dont we? From cyberserenity Vella via

My new Shoutcast jukebox.
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I really like web radio, i have all my computers connected and now i have a jukebox in my SL house. I am listening in my studio all the time now. There is always a channel that play something i like. RL radio is only ads and djs that love their own voice.. I WANT MUSIC! From cyberserenity Vella via

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These days i am touring Second life with Swedish ABBA on Saturday nights. Its nice to have somewhere to go. And the music is ok to. The OSgrid island is up again all updates are ok . Linux servers work again. Now i am going dancing. From cyberserenity Vella via


The nearest hours all the Linux servers will be down and also the OSGrid Island.


Web pages on down,


Several new updates on Opensim and Linux software and the new Island will be online in a few hours… i hope.


Makes some imaginative pictures. Maybe i can find some use for it.

The name is Art of illusion and it looks like it.

Waiting for the bus
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These bus stops are all over SL. I like them its a nice way to find new places. Ahh here comes my bus and i am off again. From cyberserenity Vella via

In to racing?
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I found a very nice scripted go kart and a city track that was actually race able. Not the cultural hi point in my life. But good for a few laps. From cyberserenity Vella via

The creator is Albe Watanabe
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These wooden guys are worth a visit. And you can be a part of the art piece. From cyberserenity Vella via

Sometimes itd hars to find some good art in SL
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But these guys where kinf of fun. Wood men playing with kites and taking a break- I Joined in. From cyberserenity Vella via

ABBA at the Beacon Hotel
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The club is called the SPACE CLUB. It was so totally right for my outfit. And SL ABBA? Good as ever. From cyberserenity Vella via

Artist development
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i have followed Gracie Kendal for many years now. A fine artist and i think that SL only improve her work because she is just getting better and better. The colors and shapes getting more firm and and it all fits together better and better. Makes me happy. From cyberserenity Vella via

I have made a few things with scupted prims before. But now i am trying to dig deeper. I made a few things today to see what possibilities i can find.


To the left is sculptyman. The tools to create sculpties are kind of limited.

No full 3D editors , and Second life destroy the finished product when you upload.

But its ok anyway.


There are great ways to use sculpties in buildings and furniture.




A nice chair and now i have to create some animations for it.

In SL you find stuff.
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Now when i have created my Swedish hot dog stand i find that a lot of other people also create fast food places. I really liked the texture work on this one. Hmm i am hungry, sorry have to get something to eat. From cyberserenity Vella via

I love it. When i find places that look different.
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Another build that have its own vision. Sometimes it happens. And by the way.... TGIF. From cyberserenity Vella via

I just have to ask.
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Where is Alice?? From cyberserenity Vella via