Loopia the webservice provider in Sweden have problenms again. So almost everything is down until the have fixed it. Cybworld.org our own server is up. Maybe its time for a change.

I have for some reason pushed one of the switches so the contacts connected to metal. Total network except the wlan have been out for more than a day. http://cybworld.org and some other functions unreachable.
I have pushed it back so up and running again.
Things happen.

When I read the Second life blog about Q3 http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2010/10/28/the-second-life-economy-in-q3-2010

I realize that Second life goes thru the same cycle as any other product. Plateau and now slowly down. Most other game company´s makes new and better patches or write something new and better. I really hope that the Lindens realize that its time to do something more than the patches the get out today.

Of course as a developer I would like some more and better ways to use the platform for games and products but the server structure and Linden labs stubborn way to keep to it makes it difficult.

This could be done.

Bigger islands for games like driving and golf courses. The islands are isolated so the size does not matter. Trying this out in Opensim already.

A more flexible system for land tiers. Pay for database use and communication not for just sqm.

Continue work on making mainland more drive able, flight able, shoot able and sail able. people need stuff to do more than partying.

Develop or trash LSL scripting. Its really not good enough.

Avatars are getting a lot better in all worlds. I have always said that Second life avatar creation system is the best. But very soon its time for a upgrade.

Stop mainstreaming Second life it will never ever be for the masses. Most people I know will never go in to Second life. When I demo SL people think its very cool but they never ever get a account themself  Instead be very good on the market that really is there.

Just a few ideas there are probably more great ideas out there I anyone listens.

New main store att Alpha Centauri. Another build by Nils Ophelia. Looks good and have space for the advertising agency and maybe the magazine. SAving space at the moment.
New 2worlds2go websites
http://cybworld.org  New server for digital art. Its not really stable. Thats the point or what.

Working on a new community for digital artist working in Second life or the web. http://www.2worlds2go.net 
Its in Beta, really want to open it for logins soon.

Things still happening.