Building in Second life can be really frustrating sometimes. I finished at big build yesterday and after i working with viewer 2.2 i had to change to imprudence. Everytime i copy a prim it scrambled my textures and everytime i moved something it just went back to where it was before. Same errors as in 2.0. Nobody builds in Second life anymore? Maybe developers flee the market. I do not know.

And some crazy land baron have put i gigantic building on top of my land to make the little lot he is selling look bigger. I cant remove it because the main point is on his land. So i ask Linden lab to remove it... one time, two times.. still nothing. Making my land useless. And i cant buy it and just remove the thing. Then i have to pay Linden lab a higher tier. This system must be reworked.
Why dont just pay for what you own?

Well my build looks great. The last enthusiastic builder in Second life. Imprudence work ok and i love the pie menu.