Found new place gone shopping
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Found a new japanese armoury and sci fi clothes place. Just had to buy a lot of stuff to see what i would look like in all these outfits. I am just so much a Ninja now. From cyberserenity Vella via

Found a very nice house here.
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Very modern prefab house. Never heard of Horizontes before but then i saw a ad in a SL magazine. Just had to go and see. Advertising works! From cyberserenity Vella via

So you are bored?
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Take a train ride. The ticket is 10L and it lasts for 24 hours. If you are like me and love trains both in RL and SL. I think i like train rides because my grand parents took me one a lot of them when i was a child. Anyway its slow, no action, just hang out of the window. Yes i own a copy of Train simulator. From cyberserenity Vella via

Another go and see art installation
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Really nice way of using SL possibilites. Sound and lights. I kick my self for not having done this one in RL Its so possible. From cyberserenity Vella via

Making candles look nice.
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I have been working on making a candle flame look nice. This one is a flexible path and some glow. Looks nice. I am working on a new SL book about photography. Doing a Veermer replica shoot. Needed a nice candle. From cyberserenity Vella via

Walked in to a photo exhibition
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I traveled to see a fellow photographer, Special Jewell. Som very nice SL photographs. So good i had to buy one. The one behind me. Special have found a new way to look at SL photography and i find that it makes me happy. So back home to my place to find a wall for my new art piece. From cyberserenity Vella via

Today i am in Mexico
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On my forever world tour i made a small stop in Mexico. I have made a camera that i bring along on my shoulder. Its a copy of my old Olympus from RL. But i think i have to do a new one. Maybe with some photografer animations. I just want the best. From cyberserenity Vella via

A good day for virtual worlds.
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Second life is still growing. Looks good so i decided to Visit New York. Found a nice place to take a break. I am still not sure about the future of SL but this is a step in the right direction. Happy happy. From cyberserenity Vella via

Finally some contemporary artt
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A nice galler well worth the visit. Moya i had no idea it was there. From cyberserenity Vella via

Tourist in SL
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As i really do not have time for RL travel right now. It is great to be a tourist in SL. Found this nice Monestary. And now i am off to some nice village by the sea. Wonder if i can find a nice restaurant? From cyberserenity Vella via

It is not all glamourus inSL
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My Sunday outfit for inventory cleaning and some basic work at my new place in Sverige. But still looking good. From cyberserenity Vella via

Finally the ne Nilsart gallery is up
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After finding a nice piece of land. I wanted to build it at Bay city but the prices are just beyond. And the builder have done, things. It finally stands there. Now i just have to make a new exhibition. From cyberserenity Vella via


//My Ruth on the internal grid.//

So much work so little time. What is happening at 2worlds2go this year?

First of all i have found a new spot in Second life for the Nilsart gallery. The building is almost ready and i am trying to find a new exhibition to start up the gallery.

All the websites are slowly taking new shapes and i publish them as they get ready.

All the Linux OpenSUSE servers are now running 11.2 except one that refuses to upgrade. I do not know why?? On the Linux servers are also several new Opensim islands that form our development grid that is accessible thru a vpn line for all developers and testers.

The OSgrid server and island have been working for several month know and the 2worlds city are ready for publishing and free download.

A new purchase of a game system for MMO. And a lot of mySQL work for testing the new system. Its like a small World of warcraft with a downloadable client. Its a show off for this year.

And of course Second life. Some more serious work with products for business development and sales. Stores and malls as a building block system. I really want to make shopping in SL more fun and look better.

And of course some new photo work with ads to follow. And the new fashion label Rebecca de Milneaux the first store is ready:: products to follow.

When all this is out of the way i really hope to have some time for Art space magazine. And my IRL company too.

I think that sometime during 2010 2worlds2go have to employ some more Second lifers or IRL people. I am pushing 12-15 hour days right now and i can not keep it up forever.

I think we are on a roll and i am really looking forward to a new fresh year.

Lets all go virtual.