Have not been partying for a long time but really i am back Hated that Des Les disappeared.but you just have to find new places. So look out i am back.

Out doors it looks like this.


Thats why i am doing this.


Modern tech is great.


The new Nilsart village coming along nicely. And this picture complete with moon shadow and a noob who did not have a clue on how to get around in Second life. And of course i gave him a few hints.

I could use SL as screen saver when you have shadows on. As the sun and moon moves over the sky the shadows follow. No i am just waiting for the first stop motion Machinima, you know when you see a day in like 5 minutes and and clouds and shadows moves very fast.

ohh what will be next.


The photo opportunities in Second life are really endless. And the best thing is that i did not have to go anywhere, no darkroom ( i remember those bad days). And a nicely dressed model ready for the shoot. In the old days i used to have to shoot several rolls of film to get a pic like this. In SL i just had to take two shots. Its so great,


Really nice experimental shadows. When you have started you just do not want to be without them. But of course they crash my viewer all the time.

Wetheralon my grid

I have started using Second inventory to transfer stuff i have created to my own grid and it actually works. Buildings showing up as i made them in SL years ago. Building new citys with my old stuff. And they are secure for inventory loss. Great.

Standing in the shadow
Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

You cant´t see it here but i am actually standing in the shadow of the trees. Finally there are shadows in Second life. With some tweaking of the new viewer and a really good graphics card it´s there. Frame rate is terrible but i love it anyway. From cyberserenity Vella via


Yes finally  I have the new Nilsart gallery up and running. There have been some downsizing in Second life and my old gallery’s was cancelled when islands disappeared. But now I am close too Linden Village on the mainland so maybe this one is here to stay.
I have a small summer exhibition with some of my interactive sculptures and some other stuff. It’s nice to be back with art in SL again. And of course a SLURL to the new place.



Three days of hard work and finally four new islands running Opensim. Installing the Linux system, compiling the new Opensim source and setting up all permissions.The network, mysql, vnc to run the control system and iron out the bugs.

It´s 9:58 pm and i am ready….