My little casle in Ambat still lives.
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I really like when i find stuff that i have made a long time ago. And its still there. Now my little castle is full of great art. And its there on the hillside. A good build. From cyberserenity Vella via

My new Land in Sverige
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Big open space and i have no idea on what to build? Maybe a small castle. The swedish small red house with white corners. A farm. A space ship..Or maybe a replica of the house i live in now in RL. I am in Sverige. It means Swedish in my language. So this is the spot for me. From cyberserenity Vella via

New land in Second life
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This is the latest addition to the small land group 144sqm in Torva.
This time its a Truck stop insted of those pesky add farms. Making Second
life more beautiful 16 sqm at a time.

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cafe route1_001

I found this nice Café on Route 1. I think its a build by one of the Moles.

It´s still nice to just explore and travel around SL. I like to follow the roads or the water lanes. Just to find new and nice builds. I hope the Moles get to build all the roads in Second life. And some time in the future the sim crossings will work better i suppose. if you want to visit the café.