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If this works i am posting this to three places at once. Supergood way to use bloghud. Filling the internet with multiple copys of my Second life. Great way to spend a few moments dont you think. From cyberserenity Vella via

We have had this place for some time now. Thinking of adding a club and maybe a small harbour. Or maybe just transfer it to a factory area. I dont know. Anobody got some good ideas?
From cyberserenity Vella via


Sorry to say but both Cetus gallery district and Second Sweden have gone to their grave. But i am building on a new gallery close to the Linden lab area. The new gallery will be somewhat larger than my old ones but i think i am going to be able to fill it with some new exhibitions.

It´s a lot more fun to be a part of a community. But what can i do?

The very nice place of Second Sweden ends in a few hours. And my gallery and store have to move. Its slowly falling a part. Visit to see the end.


But I have managed to get a new car in Second life. So I am driving around looking stylish now.
Some news : totally new website at and I have been working on new web for Art space magazine. No it’s not dead and I am planning for a Swedish edition to. I have built a new HQ in Second life for the mag. Presence is everything.
So much to do so little time to write about it. I will try to get better..