Finally a few minutes over before the big Xmas starting. Metaplace is closing. I have tested it since the beginning and i never understood why anyone should use it. A very nice little world, nice graphics, simple ,running in your browser. But no real idea behind it. Technology because its possible. In the end it all comes down to the money.

That takes me to my favorite topic Second life. The money people came in to make it profitable and the succeeded but then it all came to a halt. No more growth. No more people are using Second life today than last year. This supposed to be the new 3D Internet.

The new creation of a Second life sprawl really shows how development stopped. I think its like the Apple - Steve Jobs story. You have to have people with ideas and vision working together with production and money people. Maybe its time to try to get Philip Rosedale back.

There are many problems with Second life and Linden Labs.
As a developer i find the question about content and who really owns it really important. And also who owns my account. Linden lab can throw me out of Second life at any time, for any reason. I have no rights. It very difficult for me a small developer and a citizen of Sweden to go through US court system to get my right in a content or account case. And i do not think international law will change very fast.

I do not think that the big developers will risk there content in the hands of Linden lab. Thats why we do not see any of them in Second life.

Or the very stupid strategy to take over Onrez and Xstreet. Yes it is fine for the money people at Linden lab but it sends the wrong message to the community. If you do something good we will take you over or push you out.

I thought it was the users who create and think out new business plans and Linden lab supply the technology.

The solution is software. On my island on the OSGrid i own all of the content and the server is located in my server room right here in Sweden. Its a Opensim installation. I believe Opensim and its clones are the 3D Internet of the future. But it needs support of a big company like Google or even Microsoft. The developers are doing a great job but its a difficult to do all the work needed.

What we need are a few things. As in real life supported by many laws:
My avatar is mine on my hard drive. The things i buy for it are also mine. Is copyrighted maybe encrypted to protect the creator but its mine and i can use it at any grid i want. I own my avatar.

If i create something it is mine and i have the right to sell it or give it away or whatever i want to.
Its on my hard drive and backup. And i can use it on any grid. Its like a web page. I create a web page and test it on my own servers and when its ready i upload it on the net. But the content, pictures and text are still copyrighted, its still mine if i do not sell it.

There will always be content theft and there will be new ways to counter it. I think many young people today think that everything on the net should be free. Probably because their parents pay the bills so the do not understand the need for earning money. But as we all know they will get there too.

Information wants to be free, but i have to eat.

If it is going to be Opensim ,Second life or maybe some new solution we have not seen yet? I do not really care. I have found a great way for me as a artist to make some extra money. I love to paint but it is extremely difficult to survive on it. So i do content, Its fun and a great job. But my customers must feel that they are doing a good deal when they buy my stuff. That they own it and can use it in the way its intended.

I think Linden lab thought they could corner the virtual world and be the only supplier world wide. With the explosion in virtual worlds, that time have past. Second life is still the far best world of them all. Just look at the avatar creation system. Its totally beyond all the other worlds where everybody just look the same.
There are so many good ideas in Second life and as virtual worlds grow my market grows. So of course i want it to be bigger.

Its time for a new vision in Second life. Maybe is time to hire Steve Jobs?

And of course. Hav a nice holiday.
See you next year. Have a blast.
Maybe i see you i Second life.

Some very nice SL art.
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Want to see something good. SL art of today at the FLUXGATE Gallery. Its a go, see. From cyberserenity Vella via