And we are up and running again. On the OSgrid we have a Beta of the island with all buildings put in. Its missing a few things but its very near completion. The 2worlds2go Island will when its ready be a free download. Distributed in a oar file and some nice packaging.

So everybody can start their Opensim life with a nice city. Everything in place from the beginning.

Web servers up and running but the computer room is a mess with network cables.

Its all in a days work.


The web servers and Opensim Islands are going in production today “i hope”. They have been running for months now with no problems so its time to bring them to production and start focusing on other parts of the business.

But we have to move them. So during the day the OSgrid island and some of the websites will be offline.

The Joomla work system will be offline so do not upload any new work.

Check my Twiitter  to find out when we are ready to run again. I am excited about this.

There_cyberserenity_2009-10-21 21-10-07

My new cool look in There world. I am a nice cartoon. I suppose i have to get out more. Haha.

And i found this very cool bag.
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And it was on a very good price 0 Lindens. Its made by tutumaluco Ferraris. Its so cool. From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
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When i was in Berlin a few years ago i would never have thought i would visit Brandenburger Tor again in the virtual Berlin. This 3D world development really have taken off. I am happy to be a part of a so expanding business. Travel the world from home. Now the only thing i need is a interface that make me feel and smell the places i go to in Second life. Is it far away in the future? Something tells me that it is closer than i can imagine. From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com

Burning life stuff i like
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How cool is this. These small plants or towers or sculptures or what they are? They are so good. Have to see. From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com

Its Burning life again.
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Once a year i do the big walk around Burning life to see if creativity have raised in 12 months. And i think it looks good this year. I have been here for 5 minutes and already i have found some really nice stuff. Its a long walk but its worth it. From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com


A lot of things happened this week. And this is evening at the Opensim island.

If the next week is the same. There will be a lot of fun to write about next Friday. This have been one of the heavy ones.

I am out of here.


The very very empty island 2worlds2go is up on the OSgrid.

The web servers are running again and the network appears to be stable and i have half a hour to go before the promised finishing time.

Its all in a days work.


Today we are installing a new OpenSUSE 64 11.1 motherboard to run the Opensim server. As we have to make changes in the network all the servers and web pages will be up and down during the day.

And the Joomla system and the webshop will be unstable so do not upload products today. I hope the work will be over by 8.00 pm CET today.

Sorry but we have to do it,//// Anna.

Visiting my brother nation Denmark.
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I decided to go and explore what the other scandinavian countrys do in Second life. And ended up in Denmark. And i found this very Danish church and itś graveyard. I wonder if the lots are rental. But now i know where to put my little AVA when my Second life is over.. From cyberserenity Vella via bloghud.com


The harbor is in its place now and i have made some terrible trees for the area. The Opensim server is running nicely now.(knock on wood.) No restarts and building and all the builds are in its place.


Now i am going to start programming the LSL. I hope i do not crash it now. There are many scripts i have to port from Second life. And i am going to test some new interconnecting Opensim to the web and databases. Experimental and so much fun.