I have found a nice way to take my books out of Second life and in to the net. It’s a nice flash service called Calaméo and believe it or not it’s from Europe.
So now you will find some of the 2worlds2go publishing books at this link.
And I hope that Art Space Magazine soon will follow.

nilsart village

Soon to be open in Second life but I am still getting stuff in to it.
I have made all off the buildings and roads so I suppose its all in a Beta format right now.
I am also trying to find some nice products for the different stores and make the mall into a sellable
Project. It should be possible to make all off the buildings in to products have not decided on that one yet.

You are welcome to visit and maybe give me some pointers on how you think the village will develop.
Slurl to Nilsart Village below.


Lively is a new 3D chatt from Google. I think its going to get big beacause its Google and you run it in your explorer or mozilla. Most computers can run it ok, the graphic is not heavy.

I am going to do some developing and then we will see.

I really like the possibilities of the web and Second life. I have a sick cat at home and can’t go anywhere so in front of the big screen and SL and my laptop for communication it just works anyway.
And e learning really has some new ideas on how to use Second life for learning and all the tools you can use.

A very interesting day. But of course you do miss the coffee and the contact making but I suppose you can do that anyway.
So my cat is better and I got something done at home. Great.