I got this tip from Tina. Check out her blog. http://tinasuniversum.blogspot.com

Very nice designs and super fun bed with many animations.



If you want some nice designs. And its expensive. Just great.



I found this place just by chance. Another beautiful sim. Really worth travelling for.


And that is of course that i found a way to play my old commodore 64 games. Its kind of funny to see them again. Like old friends coming to visit you. I think its like 20 years ago my C64 burnt up when i was soldering some new stuff into it. I still have the diskdrive and printer and all the games in a box. Now i have found a new emulator that works with my Vista laptop. So i am doing some serious C64 gaming the next few days.

No work just a lot of fun.

Sweden have become a new totalitarian state. They are going to listen in on all internet traffic. The FRA law gives them the right.

Now i am just waiting for the king to take over goverment and the queen takes over health care. And we all can live happy and safe.

Maybe i should move to a virtual world insteed. I think i am going to blow up a few monsters in Tabula rasa. FRA listen in on that if you can.

There_cyberserenity_2008-08-09 14-12-18

And i had to make a new avatar for them. And look at me now. Looks great i am a model again.

look at me now


After a nice vacation i am back in my studio again. I am trying to do a new exhibition in my new gallery at Nilsart Village in Second life. I am playing around with ideas but i think its going to be something architectural.

And i am going to start painting again. A very difficult decision, but it could be fun to try and make it a community decision and let people do comments as the painting progress. I have to see how it works out but i have a web cam in my studio so why not.

Its really nice to be back at work.

From my mobile phone.

From my mobile phone.

Last of vacation.
From my mobile phone.

Last of vacation.
From my mobile phone.