I have started work on my own grid computer. An Opensim grid that I can run in my studio.
It is built by computers I get from different company’s when they upgrade I get the old ones. They know as an artist I can not afford to by all the computers I need. And as they know I do strange things with computer it is ok to support your local artist this way.

So I started to build. I have built a lot of systems so it is not very hard to do. I was thinking a grid of Linux servers.


And after a few days the new grid machine was ready for testing. Installing Opensim in grid mode is more complicated than you think. But after a few nervous breakdowns, a lot of coffee and working long into the night I had my first own grid up a running.

I just like to build computers and I really do not have a plan for what to do with my grid yet but I find some strange way to connect it to the rest of the internet. Now I have a lot of prims to have fun with.


My grid runs on four OpenSUSE computers, that make four islands. When I find a way to get more ip sockets in some of the machines I will ad some open spaces too. I use mysql and phpmyadmin for the database and VNC and telnet to control the servers from my other
computers. I have also put in wifi access so I can work with them from the garden this summer.


There was good price in the game store so i bought Tabula Rasa and no sleep tonight.

Started to play and found a new bunch of Swedish friends on the European game server.

I really like the graphics and the game play. I have been playing Guild wars for some time now and this is of course the same game with guns. But i like this one better. Better missions and very much better graphics.

Tonight i am going back Cyberserenity will conquerer a new world and help the meek. I just have to level up to 5 so i can use all the stuff i have collected in my inventory. I am ready just keep them coming.

2worlds grid

After some heavy hardware building and the Swedish midsummer celebration the new 2worlds grid is up and running. It was just as difficult to set up as i thought and i had to build a new computer to run it. But now its there and after some terraforming and a lot of mysql work its up and running. Can´t wait to start building. Its four islands running on OpenSUSE 10.3 and i have a few standalone computers that run their own islands thats not connected to the 2worlds grid.. I can still build and do the debugging process. Thats nice to know.

Gadgetman trojan_001

I run in to AV:Trojanvirus Congrejo in Second life. He is my favorite gadget maker. All of his pieces are small works of art. And you can wear them. They are very functional in some strange way, conceptual art and great 3D construction work. If you see him ask for him to show you his stuff. He is sometimes flying around Second Sweden in some new weird thing.


The last few days I have been trying out all the new grids that are out there in cyberspace.
They are not as many functions implemented yet but there are many new grids operating now some of them even
Commercially. Many of the fancy stuff on the Linden grid do not work but you can build and script or just explore. Some say that it is all these new grids that a pushing land prices on the Second life grid down.
When you can start your own server and connect it to one off these grids, well do you need Second life?

Here are a few links to get you started.






No computer stuff just walking around listening to music and drinking beer.
Great summer day and a lot of people. Sweden rock festival. I just want to be a Goth rocker but I really would look silly. But I want to try.

Anyway it was a great day and I stayed of the computer. But abstinence probably makes me work all day today instead.

The pic is from my phone cam, it’s like 3 generations back so it´s kind of surreal.

I have been turning fifty these few days. And I have not been online for days now. It’s nice to take a break sometimes and make life in to more than work. Checking out some new exhibitions in real life for a change.
I saw one of the coolest video works by Bill Viola, The raft. Wow wish it was my work.

Louisiana gallery outside Copenhagen. Denmark. A nice place to go if you are in the neighborhood.
Tomorrow it’s back to real life again or maybe for me back to the multiverse. It’s going to be fun.