The building is kind of futuristic.But there are a lot of things going on and i found some very nice fashion.

Its a nice place to a visit if you are in a shopping mood.

Annabella party_001

I was at a great party yesterday Annabella celebrated here new place in Second life and there was a crowd joining in.

Everybody is complaining about Linden lab but you can join in for free. No ads no fees. Just joining the party. And it’s free. A very complicated software and network product that you can use when ever you want.

I find it amazing that it works and that we can all have a Second life.


Not to big not to flashy. Its in Nilsart village. Right by the harbour.

Its a copy of a Swedish train station where i grew up. Made it for the Station competition. So its nice to get to use it now.

Cetus thur

Once again a great first Thursday. DJ Doubledown Tandino playing his special sounds.
Some people strolling around on the streets and in the gallery’s. Chatting about the art and the Second life.
Great way to spend a few hours and you are invited.


Eifachfilm Vacirca made this big installation on the OSGrid at the d-oo-b sim. He did it by the copy and paste method. 44444 prims thats many prims. Cool stuff.