Finally another part of Nilsart village is ready. The sign shop. Where you can get specially made signs
Or just buy a ready made. Its up. Now I just have to write the website connection.


I jus saw this wonderful clock that Trojanvirus gave me some time a go. This should really be a movie instead of a picture because every part of it is moving and blinking. And what do you know it also tells time.

I think that Trojanvirus Congrejo probably is one of Second life’s most clever gadget makers. I have to do an article for Art space Magazine about him.

Club iridum

Everybody of course knows that it’s a lot of partying going on in Second life this weekend. I have already been to the first one. I think I am going to squeeze a few more in. I hope.


So finally a new place for Art space Magazine now I just have to get the new issue out to.


I really needed something that looked like summer and sun.
Because it’s raining like he.. All day.

Nice to work in Second life where the weather is fine all the time.


The first pic from the new village. After rebuilding all of it at a new location it starts to look very nice now. I just didn’t like the first build so I just did it all over again. Some time well spent I think. Next week I am putting in all the stores and the café.