If you want to see some very nice light sculptures you can go to The Bluffs Nature Preserve. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lappet/146/50/101 There are many around Second life but i really liked this ones.
And once again its art competition at Dreams. This year i try to do some new digital 3D art piece or something. I have not decided yet. See you there. Slurl will follow when i am ready.
Will Second life expand in a declining US economy? Is it possible to develop a very complicated piece of software? And make it more complex, and then survive the bug and dollar cost. Maybe and maybe not.

In my studio.
I am working with several new pieces of software for 3D and programming. I really hope to make some fantastic new stuff this year.
Dark basic professional with all the plug ins.
And a lot of new design stuff.
See you in all virtual worlds.