Sometimes you have to relax in Second and first life. So Ewa Aska invited me to a party. And of course i went. A total funny gang and thinking of the Burma situation in red shirts. We do something for democracy in the world, yes we do. S it is my night of i am drunk in RL as in SL but thats ok. I am super amazed about the animations. When i started Sl it was nothing like this. WOW we are really expanding. Yes its super to party in Sl as in in Real.
I have been checking out the new 3D worlds that are in development. Multiverse and Kaneva. They are nice platforms but i think there is a big need for better game and 3D developers before any of them really will take off and be great products.
And when you go in to those worlds you can see that the Second Life client is not that bad even though it crashes sometimes. The total freedom to create what ever you like in world makes it the best platform for developing new 3D graphics.

I just want to take the stuff i make out of there and reuse it in other programs, anyone got a suggestion?

So i am competing in Second life again. This time its a build of a new mall at Dreams. I think its kind of fun to do one of these competitions now and then. Keeps up your building skills.

This time its a very modern build. A wide building for exploring and hopefully shopping. I never win these things but i can always sell the thing to some new mall owner that want something special.

Oh yes by the way these days i am a wizard.