Its raining and raining all the time. So i have to stay indoors. No computers just reading and the latest days we have been watching the long version of Lord of the ring.
So maybe its time to start working again. But on the other hand i can spend the next week just reading. I have tried some new things for Flight simulator so we have to see if have some time to bang some ram.
I have also moved the gallery in Second life and i have to make some new art.
I think its going to be a interesting autumn.
So its summer in Sweden and i am having a nice vacation. In the rain. But i expect to get some sun soon.
And there is a need to rebuild the network again. So i have a summer job. Great.

I am also rebuilding our headquarter in Second life and i have found two new worlds IMVU and Kaldera. We have to see if we will do content for any of them.

Maybe i have some time for the pool and the garden will see.