So finally i have decided to start a magazine. I love mags but i have not found any good ideas for it. So i just do it instead. And i have a name “art space MAGAZINE”. I know, but it is ok.

I do not want to do this business, or whats on in SL magazine i want to do something different. A art mag thats just that. Art. Nothing more and nothing less. And lucky me i have a ton of material on my attic so i get the first number out and then we see.
Oh yes finally a magazine.
Wow i just started working again after a few days at the hospital. It was nice to be away from my computer and its amazing that i can work just two days after a operation. I think a few days of thinking and taking it easy and i will be back with a few new ideas about the new developments we do at 2worlds. I am also thinking about starting a Swedish branch on
one of the islands. So i am just taking it easy for a while.