So it have happened again. My brain is at stand still.
Nothing to do so i just sit around doing nothing. No ideas at all.
But i can do other stuff like web shopping. Now i have bought a new mascara, 3 new dresses and a pair of beautiful summer shoes.(see the pic). And i am going to watch a DVD even if the time is 11:30 AM. After that i think i go out on the terrace and read a book, any book. And i think i have tacos for dinner with several glasses of wine.
When its like this there are no way to hurry it. Just have to wait.
I am right now checking out the new happening at the Office. Live feed from LOL architects. Dancers and 30-40 crazy Swedes looking at the thing. This is like experimental. But not that much anymore. It is like any Friday night party in SL. Bright lights, music and some avatars dancing. The only difference is that people dont say a word, just look at the thing.

Its all taken in. Like any happening i have been to in a gallery in real life.
Finally its Friday and this work week comes to a slow stop. I am working on a new company HQ in Second Life. But i ran out of prims so i wait to show the place until i am satisfied it looks alright.
Instead a picture of me coding lsl, in world.

Always sitting by a computer in real or SL. And i know that i have to start the work on updating the website. Ahhh i wait until next week. Now its party time. Thank god its Friday.
So i do not even have to leave home to go to a concert. I am at Eden in Second life listening to Al Hoffman doing improvisations on midi guitar. And its good. And a crowd. And for a good cause.

And i have not even left home and it is a good thing because i have to go up and fight the worst operative ever, Windows Vista. Nothing works at all. It really sucks major.
So Monday morning and my Internet provider can not get in touch with half the web. Great. But after an hour i am online again. Then of course Vista stops working, as usual. Worst piece of software released in years, too early, again
Monday, it is not my day.

Today i have started the work on my new restaurant concept for Second Life. Do avatars need to eat? Of course they do. And i am doing a bar downstairs in the building and fill it with my SL books. So its going to be a building, furniture, lamps and artworks all packed in a box and ready to set up. Thinking of making a directory on my web site of all 2worlds2go restaurants in SL. That could be something.
So i am at the gallery opening Lois Landon playing and the place look fantastic. Everybody are happy. And people loves my design so i am happy to. The only thing i miss is the glass of wine i usually get in a RL opening.

But in Second life you can not get everything. But i suppose somebody soon makes a gadget so i can get my wine to.

And the owners (Karen Schreiner)s artwork really work out with the design of the building. Its new and colourful standing out against my design.

And its soon midnight in Sweden and all fun must end sometimes. So it does.