And i just had to make a Second life book about the gallery build. Could not miss that. In world you can find it in my store at Epimetheus. Both the book and the gallery looks fine. Its nice to have virtual babys in world.
So finally i have the Asgard gallery building in Second life ready. Go and see it. And see the art inside. Its a treat.
I am continuing too build more places in SL for the gallery community. Its fun.
The web site got a few new pages and its now incorporated with my old web site.
I have problems getting the help forum up anybody have a database expert free. Anyway just working on.
There are a few people out there thats interested in what we do and how our projects proceed.

And now i am writing at to many places so i thought it was better to keep one blog for both art projects and the 2worlds2go company because the work is really similar.

So right now the development in second life are moving along good. The new gallery and the machina studio vill be up soon.
And i have designed a new gallery. The Asgard gallery. And i hope it will be up and running in a few days. I think Karen wants to get her pictures up really fast.

I will try to put up new info on this blog insted of our website. It kind of gets to be to much info and the website got to much anyway.

So the reason to start a blog. I like it.