Where do all of these complaining people come from. Second life is the first virtual world that works for thousands of people around the world. Of course there will be problems, we are pioneers. This is not a one of the ready made worlds you see in the game worlds. Decided by the game company's. This one many of us have made by ourselves.

Of course Linden lab is in it for the money, but i think some of the Lindens really belive in the work more than in the paycheck. When the breakdowns gets to many, yes i complain to. But really is this that we do something unique? Lets be productive and use this Linden world to do something thats really more creative than saying just no.

I found a very interesting exhibit today at a gallery i have never visited before. Contemporary SL art. The thing i do and that i really like. The artist name is Bacon Rolls and its a very nice show. I like art projects where the base for the art is the virtual worlds possibilities and basic functions. A very nice place to visit. Please do.

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Flyingroc%20Chung/210/15/22

Today i have found a new place while exploring Second life. Its called Grendel´s Children and its another theme build. Dragons and fantasy wonderland is the theme i suppose and it looks great.

Its a very clever design with the buildings away in the air so the ground areas can be free to travel in. Its made up of several sims with the common map name Avaria. The avatars in this are really look something different. Very cool.

I think i have to create some more crazy stuff, why should everybody look like a human?