I returned to Babbage to do some more exploring. Its really nice to see what you can do with a sim when you keep it together on a theme. Its a pity that there are so few sims that are made like this.
And the build is done with great imagination and beautiful texturing. Its like a game world you just want to see whats around the corner. A nice place to actually walk around in. Exploring every piece of land. Go there yourself. I think its worth it.
When i saw that Second life looks so good using the new windlight client. I just have to re shoot many of the pics for the magazine. It just have to look the best it can. So of course this delay the release date even further in to the future. Well its just to do it. Right now i hope to finish the mag before Christmas. But you never know. I am also moving all of the stuff from Second life to a new website HTTP://www.nilsart.net. So its all in days work.

Ohh and i found the most beautiful place called Babbage today. A four island theme. Looks just great. I will go there and explore it more. When i get the time.

Oh yes! Finally the new Windlight in Second life and it looks great if you have a graphics card that can run it. The water really looks like real water but better. Glittering and shimmering reflecting everything around. Its like paradise. Even if Second life is not anymore. But this is a real improvement. Now its time to start updating the avatars. The new ones in Entropia looks good maybe thats the way to go. Anyway a Windlight picture with the crew in Second life. Just love the look of it all.