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  • Soon to start work again.

    In about a week it is time to start work again and i have no idea what projects to go for. Have been using the summer to try out some new things but nothing really sticks.


    And I have working on some new theme for the paintings and struck out big time. Looks like to try to paint not really my thing anymore. The search for Spock continues.


    There are many interesting projects both in art and in VR but cant really get in to it. Have been working on some facebook project, playing games and working in the studio. Reading a lot and generally walking around the garden. No luck. Hard to see what will come of it all. But something have to happen.

  • On vacation in RL.

    Blogging from my phone and i am really bad at this. Need to buy keyboard, summer time.

  • On vacation in RL.

    Blogging from my phone and i am really bad at this. Need to buy keyboard, summer time.

  • OSg7b, Talented builders, outdated graphics.


    I visited the OS grid celebration of its 7th birthday. I looked thru all the builds, including my own. And I found that there are many talented builders and creators out there in hyper grid land. But the viewer graphics really needs some work. You can still do nice builds but there are a need for optimization and better building tools. Shuffling prims in Blender is not half the fun as building on a actual grid. And you cant do it together with friends.

    I need to be online to run a virtual company not sitting alone in my studio.


    I am waiting for my Oculus Rift and as I understand you need very high frame update to not get motion sickness. And the viewers only gets me a fraction of that even on my monster of a workstation.


    So maybe Linden lab is right when they try to create a new world. By the way I think the should keep the name Second life and call the world of today Second life classic.

    I think some easy stuff like changing the way ground looks with better opportunity for blending graphics and maybe some nice 3D grass would really do the thing. Today it looks like something from my Commodore 64. Plant life and the weather systems needs changing. Do something about the physics. And … and…

  • Time for snowy woods in Lendonia.


    Some time over to start creating the snowy woods. It is hot outside so I stay indoors in front of my computer. Put in many trees. A lot of  placing, copying, and tilting so every thing looks like it been put in by hand. And it is.

  • Super cheap 3D for Second life. Wigglegrams


    Never heard of wigglegram before but I found them on the web of course. That’s something to test before the Oculus Rift arrives.

    Just had to do some testing. It is just great fun.

    Its my first ones. I suppose it needs a learning period.


  • A city,a city,a city


    I just wanted to show how you can stack 2 Worlds city the bridges are connecting so you can build a really big city. This is from my developer grid that is up again after a Opensim world of sorrow.

    I need to run VNC on the servers as they have no keyboard or screen. OpenSUSE 12.3, 12.2, 11.4, no one worked for a production server so in the end I got a old VISTA and installed it. And  voila. We are up again a new Robust server running. Maybe I should not be so confident about Linux anymore.

    But it all ended well. Me happy.

    The OAR file for 2worlds city is downloadable here.

    Sorry you have to register there is just to much spam around.
  • Time for Love


    I visited Love a game created by E S K I L     S T E E N B E R G . It is nice to see someone doing a game after their own head. I do not really get the game it somehow reminds me of a old Amiga game. But the look is great even if it not really ads anything to gameplay.

    You can go to Love and just wander around and look at all the sights. The game is free and I think everyone that develops graphics or games should spend some time with it. It is different and you need to see it to believe it.

  • No more server work


    I have been running servers for several years but I get more and more tired of battling spam and intrusions from east and china. I am thinking about pulling down the OSgrid and webservers. Mail is already offline. It is time to clean up the internet. I have had thousands of people trying to get in to my computers for more than 20 years. Most of them from China. Or so the logs say. maybe they are just idiots.

    It is so much now I am thinking of pulling the development network offline and only open for updates.

    I do not understand why we cannot have a network where servers have to have someone actually responsible for what they do on the web. Or a blacklist system. You have to stand up for what you do in real life why not on the internet.

    People abusing each other not being responsible for what the say. Never in real life. Why on the internet??

    Internet the communication network for cowards. No more hiding behind your IP. It is time for the web to grow up.

  • Battling spam

    I have been running servers for several years but I get more and more tired of batteling spam and

    More on

  • The new virtual world. Just a box.


    A new virtual world can look something like this. My new computer build. This is what it looks like in the beginning. I got tired of my old grid/farm computer so I decided to work on a new one this summer. Ready to be a flowering world when I end my vacation. Well half a vacation. Bad weather so working indoors is ok. And building computers is what I like the most not really work for me.

  • A warm Sunday running around on cloud Apmel

    It is hot and i am not good at that. So i am indoors writing and visiting new places.

    Cloud Apmel

    Cloud Apmel is a new place in clud party. It is great that Apmel have a new place to try out things so i do not have too.

    Saves me time and i get a place to explore a warm Sunday.

    I am going for a cold drink. Exploring continues.

  • A slow Sunday and Kitely


    Nothing much to do today so I decided to check out the cloud based Opensim worlds called Kitely .

    It is Opensim and for people who like to build you get big areas for a good price.

    But it is not a world like a grid. No way to travel around and it takes a while to get a server running. I think Second life do not have to be worried.

    The new cloud based idea is probably used by Linden lab too, I really hate not be able to travel around like I used to always have to wait for sims to come up.

    I want one universe like EVE or Entropia. I want to travel to distant places. That’s my thing.

  • Sitting - thinking


    I took a break. Just sitting overlooking my Second life. So what´s new.

    I have had a nice vacation. Several builds in SL and a new gallery. All the websites are ready. I really want to do some new things in SL but will Second life still be there when I am ready. Sometimes I have my doubts. Maybe I should go into the sex business. It sells a lot better than the SL art world.

    Maybe not.

    Being a working artist is not the champagne life exactly.

    We have to see. Monday it is work again. I am looking forward to it. Log in to my world again and create something new.

  • Sometimes you find strange places.

    Travel to find nice and strange places. I am not saying anything about it you just have to go and visit. No words.
  • Night skiing

    night skiing

    Nilsart winter resorts looking good.  Put in some lights for night skiing. Not many avatars using the big Second life ski area. But I am coming out with a ski area map and skiing in Second life will be a big thing again when the new Digital kittens scripted board and skis come out.

  • Got a new tan in SL

    Got a new tan in SL, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    Sorry to say i do not like being in the sun in RL. But i would really like to have a nice tan so bought one in SL. My SL me looks like vacation i do not, sorry to say. To much sitting inside in front of my computer..LOL From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Role playing?

    Role playing?, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    I am visiting another role play sim. How many people do really role play in SL? I almost always find these sims empty. I would love to roleplay but i suppose it takes more than one. Very nice sim great build., worth a visit. I want to be a vampire anybody know where i should go?? From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Dark places

    Dark places, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    Sometimes i find myself in dark and mysterius places. After spending a day in the sun it is nice to get in to Second life and see something else. Make dark pictures when the sun shines outside. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Nice photo at Tricia Aferdita Gallery

    I found some really nice photo art at this gallery. Usually is. If you like RL photography like me its a go and see. LawnDart Curtiss made some experimental cityscapes. By the way i am on vacation so now i have some time to do SL. Maybe you see me around a SL Gallery lurking with my camera. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Back partying in Second life


    Have not been partying for a long time but really i am back Hated that Des Les disappeared.but you just have to find new places. So look out i am back.

  • RL vs SL

    Out doors it looks like this.


    Thats why i am doing this.


    Modern tech is great.

  • Moon shadow at new Nilsart village


    The new Nilsart village coming along nicely. And this picture complete with moon shadow and a noob who did not have a clue on how to get around in Second life. And of course i gave him a few hints.

    I could use SL as screen saver when you have shadows on. As the sun and moon moves over the sky the shadows follow. No i am just waiting for the first stop motion Machinima, you know when you see a day in like 5 minutes and and clouds and shadows moves very fast.

    ohh what will be next.

  • Having fun with Second life photography.


    The photo opportunities in Second life are really endless. And the best thing is that i did not have to go anywhere, no darkroom ( i remember those bad days). And a nicely dressed model ready for the shoot. In the old days i used to have to shoot several rolls of film to get a pic like this. In SL i just had to take two shots. Its so great,

  • Another Second life shadow example


    Really nice experimental shadows. When you have started you just do not want to be without them. But of course they crash my viewer all the time.

  • Transfer my stuff between Second life and Opensim

    Wetheralon my grid

    I have started using Second inventory to transfer stuff i have created to my own grid and it actually works. Buildings showing up as i made them in SL years ago. Building new citys with my old stuff. And they are secure for inventory loss. Great.

  • Standing in the shadow

    Standing in the shadow
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    You cant´t see it here but i am actually standing in the shadow of the trees. Finally there are shadows in Second life. With some tweaking of the new viewer and a really good graphics card it´s there. Frame rate is terrible but i love it anyway. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • The new Nils art gallery.


    Yes finally  I have the new Nilsart gallery up and running. There have been some downsizing in Second life and my old gallery’s was cancelled when islands disappeared. But now I am close too Linden Village on the mainland so maybe this one is here to stay.
    I have a small summer exhibition with some of my interactive sculptures and some other stuff. It’s nice to be back with art in SL again. And of course a SLURL to the new place.


  • New openSUSE and new Opensim servers finally.


    Three days of hard work and finally four new islands running Opensim. Installing the Linux system, compiling the new Opensim source and setting up all permissions.The network, mysql, vnc to run the control system and iron out the bugs.

    It´s 9:58 pm and i am ready….

  • Värmland

    From my mobile phone.

  • Värmland

    From my mobile phone.
  • RL animals.

    Still on vacation.
    From my mobile phone.

  • RL animals.

    Still on vacation.
    From my mobile phone.
  • Weather ok

    Still on vacation.
    From my mobile phone.

  • Weather ok

    Still on vacation.
    From my mobile phone.
  • Summer rain

    Its raining and raining all the time. So i have to stay indoors. No computers just reading and the latest days we have been watching the long version of Lord of the ring.
    So maybe its time to start working again. But on the other hand i can spend the next week just reading. I have tried some new things for Flight simulator so we have to see if have some time to bang some ram.
    I have also moved the gallery in Second life and i have to make some new art.
    I think its going to be a interesting autumn.
  • Summer time

    So its summer in Sweden and i am having a nice vacation. In the rain. But i expect to get some sun soon.
    And there is a need to rebuild the network again. So i have a summer job. Great.

    I am also rebuilding our headquarter in Second life and i have found two new worlds IMVU and Kaldera. We have to see if we will do content for any of them.

    Maybe i have some time for the pool and the garden will see.


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