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  • Opensim conference 2015

    OSCC15 001

    Once again i attend the Opensim conference. Not as big as i used to be but i think i get something out of this one too.


    There are always new things to learn. Fun.

  • Do the trucking thing.


    If the weather continues I am going to to get many transports done this weekend. EU truck simulator 2. I am driving all over Europa. Hauling cargo. It is a lot of fun.

    Cant help I just love simulators and this one is really good. I drove a truck many years ago and it feels right. The graphics make driving a pure pleasure. I am having some fun.


    As you can see the graphics is really good. It is a there feeling. Well spent a few Euros on Steam. It is 6.79 E during the holidays. And I just saw there are add ons.

  • Exploring route 12 in my truck or when Second life works.

    Wanted to make a new try to drive around in SL with my truck and today everything was fine.


    My truck script worked great and even sim borders worked. Not much falling thru earth or spinning around in the sky. Did not have to re rezz at all. A few times a sim crossing reset the script but it was just to put it in gear again and drive on.


    My script have three gears and you move around in a updatable pace. You can steer around obstacles and keep on the right side of the road without any problems.

    And the weather was nice as always.

    I really enjoyed myself as I never have explored route 12 before. Some ugly builds but there are also some nice scenery. I think I try to build some more vehicles on this script. If you want to go fast it is not for you but then you probably just fly of the road anyway. This is for the explorer of fine SL roads.

  • Driving in Second life or scrap the physics engine.


    I have made some experiments with connection a wheel and driving around in SL. My truck script works great for ordinary driving with the keyboard. Of course it lacks all feeling of driving a car or truck but it works and you can cross sim lines ok for the most of the time. But there is no way of connecting peripherals to the lsl scripts. I have tried many settings on the steering wheel none that actually work very well.

    I have been using Test drive Unlimited 2 for a while. A driving sim and MMO game where you meet other people on the roads. Nice driving, competitions and stuff. It is a lot of fun. Yes it is a game and everything is on your computer so the game updates very smooth but there is still a lot of other people driving and you meet them in there cars driving around the island of Ibiza. I wish I could do that in SL. I would pay for it. I did buy theTDU2 on Steam.

    The tech problems are to big of course I understand that. SL is old so what to do?

    Maybe it is time to take out the physics. What I it used for? It cant run anything and it is on the servers. Physics should of course be in the viewer. Then you can set simple or real depending on how powerful computer you have and it is not lagging the servers. Sim crossing would not be affected. It could be sold as extra add on for trains, planes and cars and make LL some extra bucks or let developers write their own. The actual code computing a plane is just a few lines. The rest is interfacing.

    I wonder how many developers are working on SL anymore. And if business are thinking up new ways to make money and make me able live in this world in the future?

    Nothing been done for years on a lot of issues. If you want new development you have to check Opensim. I do some testing there next.

  • Exploring There world

    There_cyberserenity_2013-12-05 16-34-40

    I have a account at There world but i never really explored it.

    It is a nice little world that was closed for some years but now is run again.At the time i never really did any exploring so i have started out travelling in my jeep all over the place again. Lot of places i have never seen.

    There_cyberserenity_2013-12-05 16-50-38

    The physics engine is great and that means you can really do stuff with vehicles. I love the look of the avatars.

    Maybe now when we have seen many virtual worlds There gets its chance again. It have a very clean look and runs on anything but the software have not been updated since Windows XP. Sorry to say. And I got the client running so and so on Linux too.  My hope is that it all goes in the public domain. This is a gem of software that deserves more. I would love to run a There world. The things you could do..

  • Telepics

    Right now

    Tele pics by Anna Lorentzson

    Exhibition starts 19/3 2011.

    Sometimes experimental photography just happen more or less by itself. I was playing around with a telescope trying to get a camera to work with it. When I found a old digital camera that had a small lens that could fit somehow in the telescope. The very small depth of field of the telescope combined with the ability to move the small lens around, made some strange photos.

    The dreamlike quality of the pictures fascinated me and as I was lugging the telescope around in the garden I found stranger and more abstract pictures. The telescope shows it´s pictures upside down and that made it easy to keep the feel of the photos.

    I could probably edit some photos in a paint software and get similar effects but if your a photographer you want it to be the real thing. Light thru lenses. So no editing in the computer I have only turned them around and trimmed them to find the best presentation. Many was good enough to show as they are.

    The camera is a HP 3.2 mpix the first digital camera I bought. Not really the high resolution you can work with today but now I am happy I did not throw it away. I think I will put it among my old analog camera collection sometimes I use them to shake up my creativity.

    I hope you enjoy my experiment and the exhibition.

    Anna Lorentzson

    More info:



  • Skii testing in Second life

    Testing new skii script in Second life. Happy jumping skiiers. The script is really a problem because of LSL scripting and the connection to the physics engine and the lack of imput possebililtes.


    But i think this could be the best i can do so now it is some more testing and then it is on to design.

  • Finally we are back on the OSgrid.

    The city is back on Nilsart island. We had some problems with the Opensim software but finally we are online again.

    The last thing i am doing this Friday now its TGIF.
  • The future of virtual worlds if any? Will Second lifer survive?

    Finally a few minutes over before the big Xmas starting. Metaplace is closing. I have tested it since the beginning and i never understood why anyone should use it. A very nice little world, nice graphics, simple ,running in your browser. But no real idea behind it. Technology because its possible. In the end it all comes down to the money.

    That takes me to my favorite topic Second life. The money people came in to make it profitable and the succeeded but then it all came to a halt. No more growth. No more people are using Second life today than last year. This supposed to be the new 3D Internet.

    The new creation of a Second life sprawl really shows how development stopped. I think its like the Apple - Steve Jobs story. You have to have people with ideas and vision working together with production and money people. Maybe its time to try to get Philip Rosedale back.

    There are many problems with Second life and Linden Labs.
    As a developer i find the question about content and who really owns it really important. And also who owns my account. Linden lab can throw me out of Second life at any time, for any reason. I have no rights. It very difficult for me a small developer and a citizen of Sweden to go through US court system to get my right in a content or account case. And i do not think international law will change very fast.

    I do not think that the big developers will risk there content in the hands of Linden lab. Thats why we do not see any of them in Second life.

    Or the very stupid strategy to take over Onrez and Xstreet. Yes it is fine for the money people at Linden lab but it sends the wrong message to the community. If you do something good we will take you over or push you out.

    I thought it was the users who create and think out new business plans and Linden lab supply the technology.

    The solution is software. On my island on the OSGrid i own all of the content and the server is located in my server room right here in Sweden. Its a Opensim installation. I believe Opensim and its clones are the 3D Internet of the future. But it needs support of a big company like Google or even Microsoft. The developers are doing a great job but its a difficult to do all the work needed.

    What we need are a few things. As in real life supported by many laws:
    My avatar is mine on my hard drive. The things i buy for it are also mine. Is copyrighted maybe encrypted to protect the creator but its mine and i can use it at any grid i want. I own my avatar.

    If i create something it is mine and i have the right to sell it or give it away or whatever i want to.
    Its on my hard drive and backup. And i can use it on any grid. Its like a web page. I create a web page and test it on my own servers and when its ready i upload it on the net. But the content, pictures and text are still copyrighted, its still mine if i do not sell it.

    There will always be content theft and there will be new ways to counter it. I think many young people today think that everything on the net should be free. Probably because their parents pay the bills so the do not understand the need for earning money. But as we all know they will get there too.

    Information wants to be free, but i have to eat.

    If it is going to be Opensim ,Second life or maybe some new solution we have not seen yet? I do not really care. I have found a great way for me as a artist to make some extra money. I love to paint but it is extremely difficult to survive on it. So i do content, Its fun and a great job. But my customers must feel that they are doing a good deal when they buy my stuff. That they own it and can use it in the way its intended.

    I think Linden lab thought they could corner the virtual world and be the only supplier world wide. With the explosion in virtual worlds, that time have past. Second life is still the far best world of them all. Just look at the avatar creation system. Its totally beyond all the other worlds where everybody just look the same.
    There are so many good ideas in Second life and as virtual worlds grow my market grows. So of course i want it to be bigger.

    Its time for a new vision in Second life. Maybe is time to hire Steve Jobs?

    And of course. Hav a nice holiday.
    See you next year. Have a blast.
    Maybe i see you i Second life.
  • New store.


    The new store in Old town in Second Sweden. Its a very nice Swedish area and for the first time we start to do stuff in Swedish.

  • To the end with Tabula Rasa


    I can only continue to play Tabula Rasa for another month or so. Its going to be free to play now so i hope a few more people will find their way to this nice game. I am really sorry to see it go. Back to Guild wars i guess.

  • ohh no no more

    Where do all of these complaining people come from. Second life is the first virtual world that works for thousands of people around the world. Of course there will be problems, we are pioneers. This is not a one of the ready made worlds you see in the game worlds. Decided by the game company's. This one many of us have made by ourselves.

    Of course Linden lab is in it for the money, but i think some of the Lindens really belive in the work more than in the paycheck. When the breakdowns gets to many, yes i complain to. But really is this that we do something unique? Lets be productive and use this Linden world to do something thats really more creative than saying just no.
  • SL museum of contemporary art – Annex

    I found a very interesting exhibit today at a gallery i have never visited before. Contemporary SL art. The thing i do and that i really like. The artist name is Bacon Rolls and its a very nice show. I like art projects where the base for the art is the virtual worlds possibilities and basic functions. A very nice place to visit. Please do.

  • Dragons oh my.

    Today i have found a new place while exploring Second life. Its called Grendel´s Children and its another theme build. Dragons and fantasy wonderland is the theme i suppose and it looks great.

    Its a very clever design with the buildings away in the air so the ground areas can be free to travel in. Its made up of several sims with the common map name Avaria. The avatars in this are really look something different. Very cool.

    I think i have to create some more crazy stuff, why should everybody look like a human?


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