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  • Dance sweep



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  • The use of the media

    I like when you use the special way it is possible to make art in SL. Prims and and space filling out the world. Second life is it´s own media. A very special way to do artworks,

    I do not know what this piece is about but i like the way it is done. You find it at:

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  • New traces for the website.

    One of the new pictures for the new website. I just have to re do all of it.


    Its game pictures and i had to do all the gears in Blender thanks to a very nice script it was not that hard but its a days work anyway.

    Gears is the theme of the new site. Kind of machine stuff. Maybe there is a game in there. Wanted to make the gears in to sculpties but i am still working on that.

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