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Anna Lorentzson Art and Design

Anna Lorentzson Art and Design

Art och design är mitt företag för konst, fotografi och grafisk design.


Jag jobbar också som utvecklare på Digital kittens AB.


Digital kittens AB creates content for web, games and virtual worlds. Digital kittens AB  is a virtual and networked organization looking for cooperative partners in art and technology. We also do research in to new technology's that can be used to enhance the presence in virtual worlds. Today we develop for the Oculus rift and use Unity 5 and several other game developing tools to create the virtual web of tomorrow.

We look in to virtual community's. There we found several flying networks and started to develop new hardware and software to interface with computer systems using the Arduino. The simulator is such a project with hope that the hardware research will create spin off effects in to art and the internet of things. Today several project are using Opensim and Second life as platforms for our research and design, making Digital kittens AB a matrix structure working over servers and networks all over the world.


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13 December 2018

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.
  • OC2018 New look

    Back at Opensim conference grid. Had to check my avatar and pick up a few things. The login worked and I got a new hat and hair. Found some old work stuff cloths so I am good to go on Saturday.

    Unfortunately I have a dinner in RL on the evening but I do the most of it.

    See you there

  • Creepy trip to Sansar

    Tried out the new Sansar on Steam. And the tech is better now but it really freaked me out. When you stand in a small room and suddenly a strange man stands next to you in some weird outfit it feels really bad. It is too real for me. I will regroup and try it again sometime.

    It is nicer in Second life. I use VR there too and the cartoonish world of SL never makes you feel that bad. Even if people are not nice.

    BRRR Sansar was not a nice experience today. But looking down I got bigger boobs and I am slim. So something good about VR.

    #Sansar  #SecondLife

  • I like to try out new furniture

    I found this one in a gallery. Really cool. So much great designs are done in SL these days.

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Art space Magazine

Art space Magazine

13 December 2018

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.