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  • On vacation in RL.

    Blogging from my phone and i am really bad at this. Need to buy keyboard, summer time.

  • OSg7b, Talented builders, outdated graphics.


    I visited the OS grid celebration of its 7th birthday. I looked thru all the builds, including my own. And I found that there are many talented builders and creators out there in hyper grid land. But the viewer graphics really needs some work. You can still do nice builds but there are a need for optimization and better building tools. Shuffling prims in Blender is not half the fun as building on a actual grid. And you cant do it together with friends.

    I need to be online to run a virtual company not sitting alone in my studio.


    I am waiting for my Oculus Rift and as I understand you need very high frame update to not get motion sickness. And the viewers only gets me a fraction of that even on my monster of a workstation.


    So maybe Linden lab is right when they try to create a new world. By the way I think the should keep the name Second life and call the world of today Second life classic.

    I think some easy stuff like changing the way ground looks with better opportunity for blending graphics and maybe some nice 3D grass would really do the thing. Today it looks like something from my Commodore 64. Plant life and the weather systems needs changing. Do something about the physics. And … and…

  • Working on some changes

    I am working on some changes for the new downloads. I am sorry to say that we are leaving the Creative commons license for some of the new downloads. And a new EULA is coming.


    And stuff will be downloadable and usable for US and Canada but but you may not use it. Our insurence company tells us we cant sell stuff in north america. So looking for a partner company for the US. To many lawyers.


    I do some work on the website then i will concentrate at getting all the half ready OARs ready. Thats something positive.

  • Time for snowy woods in Lendonia.


    Some time over to start creating the snowy woods. It is hot outside so I stay indoors in front of my computer. Put in many trees. A lot of  placing, copying, and tilting so every thing looks like it been put in by hand. And it is.

  • Super cheap 3D for Second life. Wigglegrams


    Never heard of wigglegram before but I found them on the web of course. That’s something to test before the Oculus Rift arrives.

    Just had to do some testing. It is just great fun.

    Its my first ones. I suppose it needs a learning period.


  • A city,a city,a city


    I just wanted to show how you can stack 2 Worlds city the bridges are connecting so you can build a really big city. This is from my developer grid that is up again after a Opensim world of sorrow.

    I need to run VNC on the servers as they have no keyboard or screen. OpenSUSE 12.3, 12.2, 11.4, no one worked for a production server so in the end I got a old VISTA and installed it. And  voila. We are up again a new Robust server running. Maybe I should not be so confident about Linux anymore.

    But it all ended well. Me happy.

    The OAR file for 2worlds city is downloadable here.

    Sorry you have to register there is just to much spam around.
  • Time for Love


    I visited Love a game created by E S K I L     S T E E N B E R G . It is nice to see someone doing a game after their own head. I do not really get the game it somehow reminds me of a old Amiga game. But the look is great even if it not really ads anything to gameplay.

    You can go to Love and just wander around and look at all the sights. The game is free and I think everyone that develops graphics or games should spend some time with it. It is different and you need to see it to believe it.

  • Finding new connecting to website

    I have setup my Ipad and some offline writing for the website. Slowly trying to get things working. Using this summer to finishing off all the small things that is not working and I can see there is a few that still need fixing. The work continues.

  • Website work

    The website looks like nothing right now but i am on vacation and it have been a test but this autumn i will start some more serious work on it. Hope it  wil be good.


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