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  • Memeory leaks

    At the momnet we are not running the High Fidelity stack manager. It eats memory and crashes both the Opensim sand box and it self.


    Waiting for a new edition.

  • Avatarfest on the hypergrid

    Avatarfest on the hypergrid. Do not look like there going to be a conference this year so lets party insteed.

  • Arduino projects

    Started to work on the Arduino to learn more about  programming and soldering things together. It is a long time since i did work like this. But it is really some fun.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
  • New Oculus Rift project viewer for Second life. It rocks.


    Tried out the new viewer today.  I did spend some time building and exploring Second life and I did not even get close to motion sickness. And I got a full interface if I wanted to. Great but of course writing on the keyboard did not work so good. Thought I would write this in world but, no that do not work.

    But I was impressed with the new viewer. Visited some gallery´s and enjoyed the art in a totally different way. The painting behind me on the picture is huge in SL and when it comes to art size matters. It is another way to say something with a work of art. Small thing should be small and large, well large.

    Building will take some time to learn but it is great to get the right size and be able to see what the final result will look like. I visited some of my old builds and some things just look silly and oversized. And then I have always tried to build for the avatars size. Guess I needed the Oculus to get it right.

    Firing up my dev grid now to see what more things I have to change. Have not been there yet and I just have to wait to go to Lendonia. Probably a lot of work.

    The new project viewer for DK2 is a great step forward for real virtual reality.

  • Spending time in the Oculus Rift world. Many things tested.


    Standing in the spooky house next door to my gallery and looking at my home in Second life. As you can see it is really not that exciting but with the Oculus rift it is sooo cool.

    I have tried out many games and today I made a go at World of warcraft. Nice place good frame rate but it made me sick as so many other games.

    The Oculus is not good for games. I thought that driving games would be the best, but not so. It is a question of how much that move. It is like ordinary sea sickness. If to many things move. Goodbye.

    [frame1] the car is moving. + [frame2] your head is moving = motion sickness.

    But for virtual reality the Oculus is the best! I do not want to go in world without it anymore. The feeling of being there is just unbelievable. I explore new places everyday and the only drawback is that I cant chat. Have to use voice but I have made a SL Oculus rift now to tell folk that they have to use voice if they want something. Sorry to say not many do.

    Still have not been to a adult club but I just have to do it. SL avatars are smashing.

    So I have learned. Keep you head still.

  • Projectfork now online

    The new project system is now Online. For art space Magazine and Opensim stuff. Welcome to this world.


    Some further testing on the Grid and then we put it up.

  • New simulator project build.

    Painted simulator platform

    The new simulator platform got its first paint job and some other stuff and is soon ready for connecting to the development system again. Now interfacing with the Arduino and button, knobs and LEDs.

    And it is going to be lots of fun trying it out.

    Started the work to build pedals and yoke but still some things to iron out. Its on the drawing board.

  • At Burn 2. Another thing about Second life I like.


    I like to go to these exhibitions. Meeting some nice people on the way. Today I met Skip, a programmer. I like meeting people.

    I just had some time to do a fast check of the area I come back later and do a real investigation. I find it so nice that creative stuff are still around. All the art and creative people.

  • Playing around with Poser 9.0

    3D render

    Playing around with my new Poser. It is fast to work with. A hour to set everything up including building the stuff i needed and another hour to get the light right. Some afterwork in Gimp and it was ready.

  • 2worlds2go in Second life starts to come together.



    After some work Second life starts to look good. The new studio and meeting place build is almost ready. I have been occupied with some RL paintings and my RL company. Time have been very limited. But now i think things are looking up.

    I am also going to change the servers to Opensim 0.7.6 to prepare for the hypergrid but there is a lot of reading in the .ini files to get everything working as it should.

    We are getting there. I am also looking around for some new designers. I cant do everything anymore. A new line of clothes would be nice.


    Lot of exploring. 

    The work continues.

    The road is open.

  • Being a hypergrid explorer.


    Today I went on a trip to AviWorlds  Nice builds that took a while to load but of course it is a Brazil grid. Other side of the world if the servers live there to. Cool place absolutely worth a visit. I do not talk Portuguese so not much contact with the natives.

    I just love the hypergrid. Ohh and 2worlds2go have come up on most popular hypergates. That’s cool to.

  • Some problems with the website.

    Someone tried to hijack the DNS or just tried to put in some redirect on the website but made a cludge of it? So it have been down for a while. And i have had so much to do so i did not pay enough attention.


    Hope it is going to get better now.

    We have a small gallery store. The art space Magazine store in Tabula Rasa

    Have to work on that to.


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