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  • Test on the gid.

    Sorry but the dev grid is not working very well. we can log in off and hypergrid. But there are some errors on trying to hypergrid in to us. Working on the problem.

  • More immersive virtual life without the Oculus Rift


    Want to feel more there. Checking out your fav virtual world from a more real position. Got this tip a while ago and it really makes a difference.

    Changes made in debug settings. Be careful do not play around with everything in here it is a advance menu.

                                                      X              Y                  Z

    CameraOffsetRearView: –1.800         -0.100            -0.450

    FocusOffsetRearView:   0.900            -0.700             0.700 


    CameraOffsetScale:          0.600

    Much more “real” and now I have to rebuild the scale of all buildings so they work with the new life like camera positions. Something to do while I am waiting for my Oculus.

  • Still people that write new useful apps for Second life.

    Xander Kappler contacted me a while ago and asked if I wanted to beta test a new app he was working on and I said yes.

    The app connected SL with Google calendar. I started testing and yes.


    Me and my SL calendar.

    When you write something in your Google calendar it shows up in SL and it is using the right time in SL as I am in Sweden and my calendar uses Swedish time. I never really have had that much use for Google calendar as I have a calendar in the company cloud for all things business. But now I have started to use it for SL stuff and you do not have to leave SL to see if I am online or when.

    Xander have a store where you find the app.

    (I also own the XANcast Jukebox. Worked great.)

    I also really like that someone still develop new stuff for Second life. And soon the new textures in the viewer. We are on the move again.

  • Black forest. Issues with concentration.


    I should have started editing my short film but instead I put in the Black forest in Lendonia. Its like when I was studying I will start writing but first I have to clean the house and do the dishes.

    But the forest looks good.

    And oh yes. I have put in a nice work place to in the shade. You need a nice place to work even in a virtual world. haha..

    in the shade_001

  • What about that a new Xbox One.

    xbox one

    Is it going to be a success? Naaa I do not think so. Why?

    It is like many Microsoft products a little bit to late. It have many nice functions but when I see how I use the Xbox 360 I have, I do not believe in it.

    I put my XBox 360 away and did not miss it for months. I never use it. But I do use the controller. The family have worn out two of those. But I have the controller connected to a PC that’s connected to the big screen. It runs a Windows 7 media center and all of the family's favorite games.

    For me that means World of warcraft and several other MMO s and of course the Second life viewer. None that works on a Xbox. On the PC I have Steam and a selection of other games. Family photographs and any program I want to use. Music streams from Spotify and others. The point is that I decide what I want to install and run. Not Microsoft.

    I also have a Kinect. That was fun for about 5 minutes. And controlling the the screen or multimedia is just stupid. A remote is so much more effective.I use my Kinect to make Second life and game animations.

    No I do not think I will by a new Xbox. I want my freedom to use what ever software I want. Or to write any software I want and publish it. I have also started to look at the world of Linux media centers. When it comes to retire my Windows 7 I am ready to change and it wont be 8 or a Xbox.

    I WANT to decide what I use.

  • Lendonia. Mushroom forest.

    Some new pictures from the new area.




    I want some more ground clutter but I do not want to do the area to hard on the graphics card and I want everybody to be able to do there own improvements.

    It looks nice and have its own special style. Lighting is very important. If it was a game I could have done it differently. It is ok.

  • Dance sweep



  • The needle eye

    I have been offline for a while. I have been trying to get my new art company thru the authoritys needle eye.

    It is more difficult than i could imagine. They want me to specifie what art is. I have a problem with that and so do most people working in art. They do not care.

    While i am waiting for another letter. The work continues.


  • Scripting planes in Second life.

    Inflight engelholm

    FS inflight Engelholm in southern Sweden.


    Working on a new script. Have to rewrite the plane script again. Difficult when you have to make the plane slow and still have variable lift.


    Hope to use the state machine for ground air use. Using Flight simulator as reference to get some real plane feeling.

  • Woops self portrait

    Self portrait

    I worked with some self portrait and i made this one. Have to remember to diet.

    The rest of the pictures where crap but this one was funny enough to use.

    Young and beautiful? No thats over it is character portraits in the future. smiley


  • Website up.

    But there are still a lot of things to do. I am getting there, slowly.


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