Digital projects

Anna Lorentzson Art & Design

Högseröds Prästgård

Jag gjorde den här som en present till en vän. Jag gillar att göra e-böker det är ganska enkelt om man har ett bra layout program och lite tid. Den här blev senare printad. Fungerade bra.


Karen Schreiner´s. The Asgard gallery

This is a gallery i designed in Second life. It was a great opening and the gallery survived for many years. So it was a good design.



Make advertising pictures in Second life

Edit and take photos for ads in Second life and edit in your graphic program. 2worlds2go and nilsart ad campaign in M2 magazine.




I am a Second life explorer. I travel and take photographs. There are many places to see in SL.



Objects in photography

I really like stilleben photos i think it is beacause i made a lot of it as a commercial photographer. A few objects can tell a story or just be lookable.



Objects in photography