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The artlab early spring

My artlab is both cold and messy but soon i can go there and create some new stuff. Want to build a 3D printer.

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Time for new times


I have finally come to a point in my digital projects where it comes to less work in the digital world. I have now some time to work on my traditional work and do digital experiments.

Fun and exciting work ahead. I have been waiting a long time for this day.



Moving all Opensim databases to MariaDB

After some testing we are now moving away from MySQL to MariaDB. Work as good and MariaDB now comes with OpenSUSE. The developer grid could be down for some time during the transfer.

Woops self portrait

Self portrait

I worked with some self portrait and i made this one. Have to remember to diet.

The rest of the pictures where crap but this one was funny enough to use.

Young and beautiful? No thats over it is character portraits in the future. smiley



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